Printed Materials in Plastic.

Film insert molding bonds silkscreen films with plastic.

As a pioneer of the film insert molding (FIM) process, Siedru is a recognized and leading technology partner in the field.

By means of film insert molding technology, plastic housing and printed films are bonded firmly together. This process is used for handheld products, intercom systems, entrance control systems as well as for control- and operating features in the automobile industry. These housing components must be able to withstand practically all forms of mechanical and chemical stress. In addition to absolute durability, our screen-printing process makes it possible to insure brilliant, uniform colors and, when it comes to recessed LEDs or displays, guarantee absolutely precise placement for subsequent insert molding of the screen film. Yet another advantage of film insert molding is being able to implement design changes quickly and economically. Our entire production process, from screen printing to forming and injection molding meets ISO 9001:2008 quality-management standards and thus creates embellishment features for plastic housing raised to perfection.

Functionality and Design:

  • 3-D effects
  • Optical tilt effects
  • Relief printing
  • Fade effects

Printing and Color:

  • Piano-lacquer finish
  • Mirror silvering
  • 4c photo printing
  • High-gloss finishes
  • Brilliant colors
  • Metallic finishes and other effects

3D In Mould Design Front for Nivona automatic coffee machines: