At the limits of the possible.

Customized front panels and keyboard membranes from Siedru.

For more than 30 years, international manufacturers in the fields of electronics, medical- and food technology have relied on keyboard membranes produced in Austria by the Siedru company.

Front panels and keyboard membranes provide input devices such as control consoles and industrial PCs with optimal protection from dust and dirt. The membranes must be functional, intuitive to operate, and durably resistant to adverse external factors such as chemical cleaning products, wetness and scratching. We speak from experience, and are therefore able to meet the highest demands both in terms of design and materials. With our ultra-modern screen-printing facilities and controlled clean-room and climate conditions, we push technical screen printing to the limits of what is possible. And always within the framework of a ISO 9001:2008-compliant quality management system.

Functionality and Design

  • Anti-glare surfaces
  • Pocket designs
  • Fade effects
  • Labeling strips
  • Embossed keys

Printing and Colors

  • UV paints
  • Photo prints
  • Mirror silvering
  • Relief printing
  • Gloss touch
  • 4c screen printing
  • Chameleon effects
  • Color glaze prints  
  • Partially structured paints