The housing makes a statement.

Direct labeling for housings made of plastics or metal.

Many years of experience, intensive study of materials and ongoing development of production processes make the Siedru company in Eggelsberg a specialist in the labeling of housings.

We label housings, depending on the requirements, by means of screen printing, rotary printing or pad printing. In deciding upon the appropriate production process, the form of the housing components to be printed is decisive. International manufacturers, especially in the fields of medical- and automated technologies, value the flexibility of options available in print production. Intensive color tests, the reproduction of internationally standardized color systems and final inspection under a norm-light guarantee highest quality to meet the most stringent demands.

Functionality and Design

  • Extreme-heat resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Wear resistant

Printing and Colors

  • 4c screen printing
  • 4-color pad printing