Versatile and adaptable.

Pad printing is highly durable and flexible.

Customers in the fields of plastics and metals technologies rely on the highly durable and efficient – even for small-batch runs – pad printing options offered by Siedru Druck GmbH in Austria.

Technical pad printing is more flexible and adaptable than any other printing process. Due to the enormous plasticity of the pads, which are made of silicon rubber, there are practically no limits to the structure of the objects to be printed. Curved, convex and concave surfaces, and variously shaped objects can be printed on cleanly, producing a highly resistant end product. An automated system even makes it possible to print on multiple layers simultaneously. The types of materials which can be printed on using pad technology are every bit as broad as the surface contours. A wide range of metals, aluminium as well as plastics can be printed with as many as four colors simultaneously. Production of our own clichés makes us even more flexible, while our experience and stubbornness in the face of practically unsolvable challenges makes us one of the premier addresses in the industry.